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An Eviction Notice for Indoctrinated Thoughts

Who the Hell Told You That?

As children, we are taught right from wrong, good from bad. Our parents and caregivers provide us with tools to get us started on the right path, in hope that we will make the best decisions possible throughout our lives.

But what if the advice we’ve received isn’t helping us anymore? Is it possible to relearn life lessons?

In her first published book, Dr. Melissa Carver discusses the important idea of reprogramming the mind in order to be your best self today, in this moment. Though it may be difficult, living your best life may mean stepping out of the comfort zone you ve inhabited for so long and releasing the past.

Whether you are facing difficulties in your job, relationships, or personal life, Who The Hell Told You That? is full of helpful tips that will ultimately lead to happiness and fulfillment in every area of your life.


“Who the Hell Told You That? unfolds like an owners manual to a life brimming with profound wisdom, deep reflections, and practical action steps to help you let go of the past, embrace your truth, and step into your power.” –davidji, Author of Sacred Powers

“This book came to me at the perfect time. I was having a personal issue that had my mind in a whirlwind and unable to rationalize the situation. The whole idea of reprogramming our thoughts in order to be more mindful of other perspectives was extremely helpful and something we can all benefit from. Dr. Carver is able to explain the idea of reprogramming in a very relatable way. Her writing is very honest and stories very real, which helped me connect.” –Shannon Cooper

“When I think of inspiration Dr. Carver is the first person that comes to mind. I have read many of her Chopra articles but this book by far is my favorite work of hers. Once I started reading, I literally couldn’t put it down. This is coming from someone who has lots of half-finished books lol. By the time you re finished with her book I am positive you will learn something new about yourself and question life and perspectives. One of my favorite aspects is all of the exercises she includes. Do the self- work, believe me… it s worth it! I am excited to see what wonderful knowledge she shares with us next!!” –Shelly Hallock

“I Am” Tote

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